Creative Support paired w/ Design Operations*

Creative Support paired w/ Design Operations*


Requirements & specifications
User research
Customer experience strategy 
Content strategy
Analytics & SEO strategy
Digital eco-system audit
Competitive analysis
Social campaign strategy

Design & Content

Creative direction
User experience design
Creative concepting / ideation
Visual design 

Video Production


Web Development

Technical consultation
Front end HTML
Back end programming

*What are Design Operations?

Before we come to play, we review your business operations to ensure they can support our design, development and content team(s) proccess. If your internal marketing or team operations are not mature enough, we recommend a DesignOps Workshop first to set the stage. This will give your organization some guidance on how to route, review, approve and optimize content over time that's on-strategy and on-brand using Design Thinking as a posture to help make decisions.

How we approach per-project
contracts and budgets.

How we approach per-project contracts and budgets.

How we approach per project contracts and budgets.

We charge based on the group of professionals we arrange to get the job done. Estimates are developed based on the business needs, complexity, scope, competitive marketplace and your organizations' overall setup to review, route and approve high-quality content.

Our partner freelancers, development teams and preferred vendors have their own client pricing models and we've negotiated a set of flat-fees when dp Creative Studio handles the project management and account services portion of the job. We don't mark-up their work, but instead simply add a sum of hours we feel we'll need to manage them and the project overall.

Every client, team and project is a unique set of beautiful snowflakes. Arranged by dp Creative to get stuff done.

The most bang for your buck?
Embed Dave into your Design Operations.

The most bang for your buck?
Embed Dave into your Design Operations.

Our studio prefers to work with organizations on a retainer-based contract, helping to solve their core design-based communications needs over time. Bulk-hour packages are available and vary based on need.

Dave offers an 8-week trial period where our teams get to know your organization inside and out, providing initial consultation, digital brand eco-system & social channel-set review and content audits to determine how best to move forward to solve your unique challenges.

If your organization has a clear vision and is set-up to produce and distribute killer content, then consultation will be short and solid content production can begin within that same 8-week trial term.


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